This is me on paper. No apologies, no regrets.

Currently – Product Manager at Facebook. Previously – tech entrepreneur. Always – military vet. Fundamental beliefs are the core of a human being. Mine include:

  • Belief in a free country that’s governed by the people
  • Belief that everyone is allocated a certain amount of time breathing and we should use it wisely
  • Belief that people are measured on their contribution to society so build great things
  • Belief that technology should be used to benefit everyone
  • Belief that we must help others when given the opportunity
  • Belief that we are better off as a society if each person speaks their mind
  • Belief that traditional schooling is making us dumber as a society and must be transformed
  • Lastly, belief that our lives are enriched each time we dream bigger, act bolder and love stronger

This blog is a collection of my ideas, thoughts and reactions. Sometimes they’re serious and other times I’ll torture you with my bad humor. Each thought is my own and meant as an attempt to put my mind on paper.

I encourage you to share my thoughts with others. Subscribe to the blog and I’ll try to keep you entertained. If you have something to say (good/bad, agree/disagree) leave a comment and I’ll do my best to respond. This should be fun.

Want to send me something? Talk? Meet up? Send it to anthony.pompliano(at)gmail.com

You can follow me on Twitter – @APompliano


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