Eradicating Disease by 2050

I’ve been reading a lot about death and disease lately. It was surprising to learn that 56 million people died globally in 2012. Over 60% of those deaths were attributed to noncommunicable diseases. Only 9% of deaths were caused by “injuries.”

We can drastically reduce the death rate if we’re able to eradicate disease.

I previously thought this accomplishment was 50-75 years away with current medicine and research resources. However, the more I learn about nanobots, the more bullish I become on disease eradication becoming a reality by 2050. Even Ray Kurzweil appears to be a believer.

The impact of disease eradication is hard to predict. There are positives (longer life expectancy, healthier population, etc) and negatives (over-population, potential food shortage, etc). What if we have colonized Mars by then? How about if our bodies build immunity to disease but become susceptible to a larger existential threat?

We may not completely understand it until we get much closer. Either way, the possibility of preventing the leading cause of death is exciting stuff. I hope I’m fortunate enough to have it happen in my lifetime.


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